Thursday, April 24, 2003

Stealth weapons
As a follow-up to the previous posting, this paragraph from Judith Miller's April 23 article in the New York Times merits a playing card all its own:

Based on what the Iraqi scientist had said about weapons being destroyed or stocks being hidden, military experts said they now believed they might not find large caches of illicit chemicals or biological agents, at least not in Iraq. They said this would increase their reliance on documents and testimony from individual Iraqis to help them piece together the scope, organization, and goals of the programs that the United States has said Saddam Hussein created and concealed from the world.

This shift in priorities allegedly followed the revelations of one scientist (just one--that's what Miller says) who informed American military investigators "that Iraq destroyed chemical weapons and biological-warfare equipment before the war", which had "shifted the [American] focus from finding such weapons to locating key people who worked on the programs."

Ever get a sense that you're being taken for a ride?

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