Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Bad news Barry
I recommend reading Barry McCaffrey's splendidly duplicitous article in today’s Opinion Journal, with his North Korean superlatives as he simultaneously criticizes the military plan for the invasion of Iraq and kisses up to his comrades in the field.

We can learn for example that Saddam survived a "brilliant first strike on his headquarters" (so brilliant, in fact, that he survived it), by using "every cruel and illegal tool in his menu of options to blunt the attack and seek increasing opposition to the U.S. by the international and Muslim communities." McCaffrey goes on for awhile, but basically to set the reader up for this:

The "rolling start" concept of the attack dictated by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has put us in a temporarily risky position. We face a war of maneuver in the coming days to destroy five Iraqi armor divisions with only one U.S. armored unit (the Third Mechanized Infantry) supported by the modest armor forces of the First Marine Division and the Apache attack helicopters of the 101st Airborne. We will succeed in this battle because of the bravery and skill of our soldiers and Marines combined with the ferocious lethality of the air power we will bring to bear on the enemy force.

Decoding: Rumsfeld okayed a pretty shitty plan so U.S. forces are ridiculously outnumbered, but we pray that we’ll end up winning because (a) we have airplanes and the Iraqis don’t and (b) our men, hopefully, will fight like sonofabitches.

I can go on, but won’t. McCaffrey subsequently sets even more complex conditions for U.S. success, so that by the end you’re ready to pop the cyanide, and he’s ready to propose this:

If we shrink from using direct and overwhelming violence on the SRG and the Fedayeen, we will risk thousands of casualties in our Army and Marine assault forces and leave in place an unintimidated, even emboldened, terrorist threat that will make our subsequent occupation of the city [Baghdad] an unending horror.

In other words, let's carpet-bomb. Maybe that will indeed be the U.S. choice. You’ll recall what McCaffrey did to that Iraqi column back in Kuwait in 1991, converting it (apparently quite unnecessarily according to Seymour Hersh) into corned beef.

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