Thursday, April 24, 2003

One man's terrorist...
According to this article in Middle East Online (I'm not sure who operates the site), the U.S. has reached a ceasefire agreement with the Iraq-based anti-Iranian People's Mujahedeen, allowing them to keep their weapons to fight the Iranian government. This is reminiscent of what the Syrians and the Lebanese government did after 1990, when they disarmed all Lebanese militias with the exception of Hizbullah, allowing them to keep their weapons to fight Israeli forces in south Lebanon.

Ironically, the U.S. had labeled the People's Mujahedeen a "terrorist organization." If the report is true it suggests the Bush administration is keeping an extra chip in hand to irk the Iranians, after accusing them yesterday of having infiltrated agents into Iraq to mobilize Shiites against the U.S.

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