Saturday, April 05, 2003

Khazraji update update
Here is a Reuters report on the Danish government's request that the U.S. provide information on the circumstances of Gen. Nizar Khazraji's disappearance. The report noted:

In a letter to U.S. Ambassador Stuart Bernstein, Justice Minister Lene Espersen cited several Danish newspaper articles suggesting that the Central Intelligence Agency may have been involved.

"Against this background...I kindly ask you to provide me with any information from relevant American authorities on the circumstances under which Khazraji disappeared and his whereabouts since March 17, 2003," she wrote.

The letter also noted:

"It has also been proposed, however, that he escaped with the assistance of authorities of foreign countries or that he was even abducted by such authorities," Espersen wrote.

"In this connection, the Central Intelligence Agency has been mentioned in several articles," she said.

One should bear in mind the request was not an accusation--indeed it was formulated as an effort to avoid false accusations:

"Needless to say, such clarifications may also be important in order to avoid unnecessary -- and potentially harmful -- public myths and thus to preserve the excellent relations between Denmark and close friends and allies such as the United States."

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