Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Taranto beats up a corpse
The following passage is from James Taranto's weblog in the Wall Street Journal-Opinion Journal on Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old American woman run over by an Israeli bulldozer:

Terror Advocate Dies in Accident
Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old terrorism advocate from Olympia, Wash., died in a bulldozer accident yesterday. Corrie was at fault in the accident, which occurred when she either stood or crouched in front of an Israeli Defense Forces bulldozer in Gaza, the Jerusalem Post reports:

The bulldozers were part of an IDF tunnel- and mine-clearing operation. The Rafah refugee camp borders Egypt, from which Palestinian terrorists smuggle in weapons and explosives. And according to interim peace accords, Israel has the right to operate in and secure the area.

Corrie not only backed anti-Israeli terrorism; she also hated America. An Associated Press photo shows Corrie, her face contorted with hate, burning a "mock U.S. flag" at a pro-Saddam rally last month. (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.) Reuters reports on a "symbolic funeral" that drew some 1,000 Palestinian Arabs. One of them tells the "news" service: "We fly a U.S. flag today to show our support to all American peace lovers, those like Rachel." If she were still alive, no doubt she'd have burned the flag.

It's a shame that Rachel Corrie died the way she did. It's shameful that she lived the way she did.

"Terror advocate?" A real prince that Taranto, whose weight no doubt explains why he sided with the bulldozer. Not sure if the parents will sue, but the WSJ seems to have assumed an accident when, the last we heard, the Israelis were investigating the incident. By the way, I always thought that burning flags was defensible in open societies (even if that kind of thing can be tasteless)--the same kind of society, incidentally, the Journal claims to be peddling.

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