Saturday, March 29, 2003

Errr, Sorry
The Labor government has apologized to the families of two British servicemen who Tony Blair had suggested on Thursday were executed in cold blood. As it turned out, there was no definite proof confirming Blair's statement.

Has the Bush administration apologized for suggesting, also with little evidence, that some of the American mechanics captured last weekend at Nasiriyya were executed? This was the claim made by U.S. officials (in this New York Times article) and, later on, by a senior officer on the Larry King Show. If there is definite evidence, then it should be released; if there is none, then why needlessly worry the families?

I think (and very much hope) the PoW's are still alive--so many additional shields Saddam can place in Baghdad when the siege of the city begins, or bargaining chips if he has to negotiate his way out of the city if the U.S. is forced to bargain.

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