Monday, March 31, 2003

Khazraji watch roundup
I've received mail from various people suspicious about what has happened to Gen. Nizar Khazraji, the former Iraqi chief-of-staff, who disappeared from Denmark a few weeks ago while being investigated for possible war crimes.

Kendall Harmon, who hosts the Titusonenine blog referred me to this article from the English-language Copenhagen Post, which itself referred to an article in the Danish B.T. tabloid claiming the CIA was responsible for his being spirited out from under the nose of Danish police. Tom Scudder sent me this website being maintained by Kynn, with several links on the matter (including an Iranian news agency report suggesting Khazraji is or was in Qatar).

Harmon has a more detailed account of events in Denmark and the controversy provoked there by the disappearance, with one source suggesting Khazraji is in Irbil, with the Kurds. The London-based Al-Sharq al-Awsat has also reported he is in Iraq, and moved there through Kuwait and Turkey. Finally, someone on an email list I belong to cited unconfirmed reports (indeed he called them rumors) that Khazraji was in Saudi Arabia.

All this is intriguing, given that it is improbable Iraqi agents abducted Khazraji. All I can add to the debate is to say there is as yet no clear proof of American, let alone CIA involvement, only assumptions. It certainly smells fishy, though.

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