Wednesday, March 26, 2003

From Beirut news of more antiwar demonstrations, with an estimated 7,000 (according to the Daily Star) protesting yesterday. Monday evening, a stick of dynamite damaged a wall outside the (temporarily closed) British Council.

Interestingly, yesterday was also the first day of protest in Damascus (as opposed to inside the Yarmouq Palestinian refugee camp)--interesting because it took an awful long time for the Syrians to get riled up since the outbreak of war last week. This was inevitable, though, after a 50-country combined gross domestic product of approximately $22 trillion coalition aircraft fired at a Syrian bus in Iraq, killing several people.

Meanwhile, I read with sorrow that an April 1 press conference to launch the Annual Congress of the Lebanese Society of Family Medicine has been postponed, because no one plans to show up. The date says it all.

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