Monday, July 07, 2003

Thanks to Nick Gillespie for this link to a story from the Cincinnati Inquirer on the plan to build a $100m amusement park in Lebanon.

This passage is noteworthy:

"There is a Wild West section - even though Speigel recommended against it.

"You don't want to Americanize your theme park, he told the investors, with culture and scenes from an American history that might not appeal to a broad cross-section of Middle East customers.

"No, no, they told me. 'We know the Wild West. We watched Maverick on TV, Bonanza.' They said we want the Old West area," Speigel said."

Not sure what the cosmic significance of that is, but for a clue, check out Chuck Freund's commentary on Arab music videos in Lebanon's Daily Star, and what it says about the prospects for character reinvention, or "individuation", in the Middle East.

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