Saturday, June 07, 2003

No "road map' for Lebanon
Here is an op-ed I wrote in today's Daily Star arguing that Lebanon does not need a "road map" to peace as Lebanese officials are demanding. Alas some slight ambiguities were overlooked when I sent on the piece.

For example, in a passage I write: "A separate Lebanese-Israeli track is unrealistic today. But the principle of self-contained Lebanese-Israeli negotiations while Syria negotiates too is not."

Readers may not see the distinction between a "separate Lebanese-Israeli track" and a "self-contained Lebanese-Israeli track." All that means is that Lebanon and Syria can coordinate, but Lebanese-Israeli issues should be solely dealt with by the Lebanese and Israelis, not integrated into the Syrian-Israeli track. A separate track implies complete autonomy; a self-contained track implies coordination with Syria but autonomy on those bilateral Israeli-Lebanese issues in which Syria need not involve itself.

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